Real Estate Support Services

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Residential Structural Inspection
Haskell Point Dock Inspection Report

Gartley & Dorsky is proud of our relationship with the real estate professionals in the mid coast area. We regularly provide structural inspections, boundary & topographic surveys, septic designs and wetland/vernal pool evaluations on a variety of developed and undeveloped properties. We service all of MidCoast Maine, extending north to Ellsworth and Bangor, inland to Augusta and south as far as Brunswick. We work for buyers, sellers and agents at various stages during the real estate transaction process.

Residential Structural Inspections (Buyer Inspections, Project feasibility, etc.)

We provide structural building inspections to assess the existing conditions of a building to provide prospective buyers with a thorough understanding of their potential investment. Often general building inspections will note a structural defect such as a deflected roof, leaning foundation wall or uneven floor. Gartley & Dorsky provides analysis of existing conditions as well as recommendations for retrofit alternatives. These can be in the form of general recommendations to get ballpark pricing for your purchase/sale negotiations or specific detailed solutions for construction. Understanding the best way to approach a problem or task, with a written report outlining critical considerations is a great tool for prospective homeowners. Sellers can also benefit from structural inspections and recommendations when an existing condition may otherwise deter a prospective client. This proactive approach provides the seller with information on the situation which can be provided to prospective clients in order to properly disclose the extent and/or limits of a particular concern. See also our Homeowner Services Page.

Commercial Structural Inspections (Buyer Inspections, Project feasibility, etc.)

Commercial investment properties often have more stringent performance and capacity requirements than residential structures. Thus, it is especially important to have a full understanding of the existing structural condition of a facility prior to making an investment. Existing and proposed use directly impacts the required performance criteria. For example the minimum design loads for retail space is twice that of professional office space, so changes of use may require structural upgrade. Whenever possible, we conduct a preliminary analysis of visible structural members and report the existing capacity and acceptable uses. We also can provide a general scope of work for upgrade if necessary for ballpark pricing.

Survey Services

Site Plan
Site Plan

Professional survey services are necessary in most property transfers, ranging from a typical mortgage inspection to a full boundary survey for unknown, unmarked or disputed property lines, or survey for a property subdivision. Gartley & Dorsky's survey crews have extensive experience performing boundary surveys and topographic/as-built surveys. Our boundary surveys range from small in town lots for the landowner who wants to install a fence to hundreds of acres for a landowner developing a forestry plan. Mortgage inspections are routinely provided as requested by lending institutions, and more in-depth inspection sketches are also available tailored to each client's individual needs. We also frequently provide flood elevation certificates and submit letters of map amendment (LOMA) to FEMA for properties and/or structures mapped in the flood zone which may be incorrectly mapped.

Septic Design

When you are selling or buying an undeveloped property, a septic system will be needed for all properties where connection to a municipal sewer system is not possible (this is a lot of property in Maine!). We will visit the property to determine which soils are capable of handling a septic system, so that the house footprint can be properly established. Gartley & Dorsky has a highly regarded in-house soil scientist to conduct the analysis and design. Hiring a professional soil scientist ensures not only a proper septic design, but also ensures proper consideration of other important site characteristics, such as wetlands, streams or vernal pools. We also provide septic designs for replacement systems and engineered septics.

Wetland Delineation and Vernal Pool Delineation.

Site Plan
Site Plan
Site Plan
Site Plan

When selling or buying an undeveloped property, it is important to evaluate the property for wetlands, vernal pools and streams. Each of these natural features has its own regulated 'buffer' area that must be avoided when developing the site. Gartley & Dorsky's survey team and soils specialist can delineate the natural features on the property and provide a site plan that includes all applicable buffers in order to define buildable areas and to prevent encroachment of any proposed development into restricted areas. MDEP permits are typically required for development in and/or adjacent to certain environmental areas (e.g. wetlands, streams, vernal pools, shoreline zone). Gartley & Dorsky has submitted hundreds of applications to MDEP and is acutely familiar with the regulations and application processes for a wide range of project types.