William B. Gartley, PEPresident

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With a strong background in civil and structural engineering, Will leads the Gartley & Dorsky engineering team providing excellent engineering solutions for a full range of applications. His technical experience and knowledge is only surpassed by his natural ability to develop positive client relations and repeatedly produce a high standard of deliverables for each client and project. The continuous growth and development of Gartley & Dorsky in the small MidCoast area pays tribute to these attributes.

James Dorsky, PLSSenior Vice President

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With over thirty years of surveying experience, Jim leads the Gartley & Dorsky survey team with a high level of proficiency in conventional, GPS and bathymetric surveying services. Jim's relationship with his staff and clients is a major part of the company's sustained growth over the years.

William T. Lane, PEVice President

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Excellent presentation skills and project understanding enable Bill to successfully bring civil engineering projects from concept to fruition. With 20 years of problem solving experience, Bill contributes significantly to Gartley & Dorsky's team with leadership, engineering innovation and client management. Bill focuses on communication of ideas and designs to achieve client goals.

Gartley & Dorsky Staff:

Civil Department

  • William Gartley, President, Maine & Florida, PE
  • William Lane, Vice President, Maine PE
  • Andrew Hedrich, Senior Project Engineer, Maine PE
  • Alyssa Gartley Pulver, Design Engineer, Maine PE
  • John Melanson, Engineering Technician
  • Larkin Post, Engineering Technician
  • Marshall Cole, Design Engineer, Maine PE

Structural Department

  • Carmen Bombeke, Senior Project Engineer, Maine and New Hampshire, PE
  • Erik Peil, Project Engineer, Maine PE
  • Hilary Skillings, CAD Technician

Mechanical Department

  • Stephen Mischissin, Senior Engineer, Maine, NY, PA, MA, CA and NH – PE

Survey Department

  • James Dorsky, Senior Vice President, Maine & Alaska PLS
  • David Starr, Jr., Senior Project Surveyor, Maine PLS and EI
  • Addison Whitworth, Project Surveyor, Maine PLS
  • Steven Tremblay, Project Surveyor, Maine PLS and New Hampshire LLS
  • Cheyenne (Matt) Muwin, Surveyor Technician
  • Tom Williams, Crew Chief, Maine Land Surveyor-In-Training
  • Tyler Durant, Project Surveyor, Maine PLS

Natural Resource & Soil Services

  • Natalie Marceau, Licensed Site Evaluator and Licensed Soil Scientist

Permitting & Submissions

  • Carole Gartley
  • Sarah Post


  • Delisa Morong, Office Manager