Gartley & Dorsky is an engineering and surveying firm serving the residents and businesses of Maine. We provide civil and structural engineering and all aspects of surveying on large and small projects across the state. From the small (residential additions and septic designs) to the large (ALTA surveys and full service site planning on subdivisions and commercial development) we strive to provide each client with the same great service and cost-effective solutions.


Gartley & Dorsky provides a full range of surveying services to meet the needs of our diverse client base. Whether it's a boundary survey for a small lot or construction layout for a large commercial structure, we work closely with our clients upfront and throughout the project to make sure our services are tailored to their specific needs.   full details »

Civil Engineering

Gartley & Dorsky provides a complete package of civil engineering services, including engineering analysis and design, land use consulting, facilities design, and contract administration. We work closely with all parties throughout the duration of the project, including the owner/developer, contractors, subcontractors, and local, state and federal regulators, as required.   full details »

Structural Engineering

We work directly with owners/developers, architects and contractors, providing full structural engineering services for residential, light commercial and industrial construction throughout the state of Maine.   full details »

Natural Resource & Soil Services

Some 12,000 years ago, glaciers carved the beautiful landscape of Maine. These glaciers left behind an abundance of lakes, ponds, wetlands, and natural depressions which form vernal pools each spring as the snow melts. Our scientists evaluate these natural resources and incorporate these features into our Site Plans.   full details »


As local, state and federal property regulations increase, one of the most challenging aspects of land development is the efficient attainment of appropriate approval permits. Gartley & Dorsky has proven experience permitting projects ranging from coastal piers to shoreland stabilization; from stream crossings to deer wintering areas.   full details »