Featured Project

Front Street Shipyard, Belfast, Maine

Gartley & Dorsky has been assisting the developers of Front Street Shipyard in Belfast since project conception in 2009. Gartley & Dorsky conducted due diligence services including surveys, permitting evaluation, and extensive feasibility studies to determine the true development potential of the site prior to purchase. When the current owners purchased the property in 2010, Gartley & Dorsky was engaged as the lead consultant. Since then, Gartley & Dorsky has provided comprehensive civil engineering, structural engineering, permitting, and survey services for the ongoing development of the site.

Project Engineering & Permitting Highlights

Gartley & Dorsky developed a comprehensive site plan combining thorough documentation of the existing property and proposed improvements. Shoreland zoning, flood plain management and DEP regulations all factored into the final design for the site, proposed buildings and marine structures. Project highlights include: