Natural Resource & Soil Services

Some 12,000 years ago, glaciers carved the beautiful landscape of Maine. These glaciers left behind an abundance of lakes, ponds, wetlands, and natural depressions which form vernal pools each spring as the snow melts. Maine surface soils are a complex mix of cobbles, sand, silt and clay, and an abundance of wet or 'hydric' soils. Although these natural features form a unique landscape, attracting visitors from all over the country, they often pose challenges to landowners who want to develop their property. Gartley & Dorsky's scientists provide a full range of natural resource services, including wetland delineation, vernal pool assessment, high intensity soil surveying and septic design.

Wetland Delineation and Vernal Pool Delineation

The State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) regulates the impact to wetlands and vernal pools via the Natural Resource Protection Act (NRPA). Municipalities as well as the Federal government have separate regulations governing these natural resources. Vernal pools are regulated by both the State of Maine and the Army Corp of Engineers. Our experienced team of scientists will guide your project through the complex vernal pool regulations. Whether it is determining the wetland boundary or working through the MDEP or the Army Corp of Engineers permit process, G&D will represent your interests and meet the regulatory requirements.
Click here for a MDEP fact sheet on vernal pools.

Septic Design

With an abundance of rocky outcrops and wetlands, the soils of Maine can be problematic with regard to meeting the Department of Health and Human Services subsurface disposal regulations. Gartley & Dorsky's licensed site evaluator has years of experience in the evaluation of soils and the design of residential and commercial septic systems. We have designed hundreds of residential first time and replacement septic systems. Our experience with engineered septic systems, processing over 2,000 gallons per day, will assist with your commercial or multiple-dwelling residential disposal needs.
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High Intensity Soil Survey

Some municipalities in Maine, as well as the state Site Location of Development regulations, require an expanded soil survey as part of the permit approval process. Gartley & Dorsky's certified soil scientist has vast experience conducting expanded soil surveys at each of the three levels of High Intensity Soil Survey (A, B and C). As tribute to our efficient and professional service, we have an extensive repeat client base of fellow consulting firms that do not have in-house soil science capabilities.